It Can’t Rain All the Time: Gorgeous New Mesh Trench from Hoorenbeek

This week I was inspired by the weather here in my hometown, which normally includes sub-zero temperatures and snow-covered city streets. This Winter, however, it feels more like Spring, with rainy weather and warmer temps – not that I’m complaining. I wanted Shiloh and Jake to play the parts of one of the trendy power couples that I see walking the streets in the morning together, heading to their respective offices for the day. Let’s bring a little spring to Second Life fashion!

Second Life Fashion - Can't Rain All the Time

Second Life Fashion - Can't Rain All the Time

Just in time, Hoorenbeek came out with their all mesh men’s trench coat, and boy does it look incredible. I honestly don’t know how they do it. Their fabric textures just look so real, without looking out of place in a cartoon world, if you know what I mean. Some Second Life fashion designers use photos of real fabrics to texture their designs without any enhancement and for some reason they just look out of place to me. The shaping and shading of the mesh on this trench is impeccable and they provide plenty of sizes for fitting your male avatar. Variations of shirts to be worn only with the trench are included with your purchase, including turtle necks and business shirts. They also released this trench as part of an entire outfit this week, so stop by Hoorenbeek and check it out! I’ll be reviewing a few other new outfit sets from Hoorenbeek this week!

Second Life Fashion

The few issues my handsome model had were with the alpha layer rezzing and then us being able to see the mesh once he wore it. I’m pretty sure that’s an SL or Firestorm problem and not any fault of the designer. Does anyone out there have that problem as well? Sometimes it seems like we reach our “mesh allotment” and then the viewer says “uh-uh-uh… no more mesh for you!” At least until we clear cache and reload. That makes me sad.

Second Life Fashion

Shiloh has on a really sweet pencil skirt from Fashion Point. I don’t know if the mesh was pre-purchased full-perm or if it was created by the designer, but I DO know that I love, love, love the pinstripe fabric texture and the extremely realistic belt that is a part of the mesh creation. This skirt is perfect for any SL office environment. Paired with the My Darling blouse from Ero Rabbi and Hoorenbeek’s Pleaser boots, which come with 3 different styles of ornamentation on the top of the boot, she looks smart, sexy and sophisticated!

Second Life Fashion

What are your favorite Second Life fashion designs for the office? I’d love to hear from you!

What They’re Wearing:

Pose: Wet Cat – Raindrops Pose Set

Shiloh’s Skin: LAQ Thea Nougat

Jake’s Skin: Mark Goatie2 Eyeliner Normal Haired LaVie

Jake’s Trench Coat and Dress Shirt: [horenbeek]

Shiloh’s Blouse: Ero Rabbi – My Darling blouse

Shiloh’s Skirt: Fashion Point – Mesh Black Pinstripe Pencil Skirt

Shiloh’s Boots: Pleaser [horenbeek]

Jake’s Boots: Biker Boots (Night) Redgrave

Shiloh’s Hair: Exile Color Demo in Drift

Jake’s Hair: Radiant M05 (Midnight) LaQ

Shiloh’s Shape: Her own.

Jake’s Shape: His own.


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3 thoughts on “It Can’t Rain All the Time: Gorgeous New Mesh Trench from Hoorenbeek

  1. That trench is stunning!

    I bought my first mesh dress yesterday, but when I put it on, it never rezzed. I was too impatient to clear cache and relog.

    The other problem I have with mesh: when I’m wearing my furry avi, I have to wear an alpha layer to mask my legs, so I can’t wear another for the clothing. So I’m not sure how much mesh I’ll be buying, but I have to say it’s gorgeous on you guys!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have found one women’s mesh creator (who I will blog soon) that understands that we need alphas for feet and shoes! Hopefully other creators will figure that out and jump on the bandwagon. 🙂

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