Back of the Closet Mash #1

I will admit it, I have an inventory that is out of control. But doesn’t every Second Life fashion fiend? Occasionally I like to wade knee deep into the shimmery, shiny, and oh so much fun muck that is my inventory and dig out a few items that haven’t seen the light of day in a while, and pair them up with newer items that I’ve purchased. A little bit of “something old, something new!”

Here’s my first BOCM for my first blog post ever on The Unapologietic Second Life Fashion Blog. I was feeling a big… well… rebellious today and came across this adorable dress from Razorblade in my closet. Paired up with the funky aqua hair from Exile, I thought it kinda rocked. I was in desperate need of some ink, so I stopped in at Aitui and saw their incredible “Red Series” line of tattoos that are not only incredibly detailed and beautiful, but you receive a notecard with the meaning behind the artwork on the tattoo. I chose the “NeverHate” tattoo because tolerance is something I preach in my RL and in my SL. I am definitely an “Baby I was Born this Way” kinda girl.

Second Life Fashion - BOCM #1

During my travels this week, I popped in to iRen and fell in love with the tattoo teeth! I thought they would give this look just a little bit of oomph! Ya know what I mean? Just look at that face. Looks like trouble to me my friends!

Second Life Fashion - BOCM #1

What’s in the back of your closet? Have any items you’d like to showcase on the blog? Send a photo of your BOCM along with a styling card (including SLURLs) to and you could be featured on The Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog! Come on and play dress up with me!



What She’s Wearing

AlterEgo Finally Famous Gloves (part of Finally Famous outfit)

.ID. Insufferable Dastard Snowfall Eyes (green) Seasons Gatcha

Skin: LAQ Thea Skin (Nougat 04)

Necklace: Fusion Rosary Necklace (Summer of Love gift)

Teeth: iRen Vanessa Paradise’s teeth

Glasses: Virtual Insanity HVD Glasses (freebie)

Bangles:  AVid NeoGirlie Bangales (part of NeoGirlie outfit)

Hair:  Exile Jane (Aqua) Color Demo Freebie

Dress:  Razorblade Hectic Dress

Shape:  Panda Punx Keri Shape (group gift w/Keri skin)

Tattoo:  AiTui Red Series NoHate Tattoo

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