Let’s Talk About Mesh Baby…

So when I decided to start my new second life fashion blog, it was because I wanted to voice my opinion in the whole Second Life mesh hoopla. I said to myself “self, I know you are not the only one out there who thinks this way, and it would be great to get some validation!” (My “self” is a needy little bitch sometimes.) You see, I have a love / hate relationship with mesh, and I will tell you why.

First Some Second Life Fashion Mesh Love

My romance with mesh begins with the fact that I no longer have to wear a piece of prim between my gorgeous, pixel perfect gams. When mesh fits properly, all you see is a perfectly lit, perfectly shaded, seamless skirt that appears to move naturally with my rather spastic AO movements.

It continues with designers who know that us Second Life Fashion vixens don’t want to look like cookie cutter Barbie Dolls. This is why we orchestrate all different shapes and sizes for our avatar’s bodies. I, for one, like a “true to life” sized avatar that’s not a 6′ 10″, 110 lb. high fashion model/beast. I like a dash of reality in my fantasy. Most of my avatars are around 5′ 6″ or less with an hourglass shape and little tummy. I’m not talking about overly curvalicious, I just move my sliders a little to the right rather than having them all flush left. Many designers in SL have really taken the time to think about a woman’s shape and have given us many demo options to choose from in their mesh designs. To you all I raise my glass and smother your pretty little faces with raspberry scented kisses!

Second Life Fashion - Mesh

Second Life Fashion - Mesh

Now for a Little Bit O’ Mesh Negatory

I just couldn’t use the word “hate” in the subheading. It just sounded too strong a word. However, there are many aspects of the mesh fever that is taking over the Second Life fashion world that I have some issues with. First are the full perm mesh items that are everywhere. Same dress, different texture in 20 different stores. I guess you could say the same for templates, but if someone is using a template they are usually pretty well versed in their editing program and will hopefully do something to make the template their own. I do hope that someday the same will happen with mesh once all of the fabulous fashion creators, who wish to sell mesh items, have caught up with the learning curve.

Another thing that irks me just a tad are creators that do not take the individual woman’s shape into account when creating sizing. Again, I’m sure this will get better as creators get used to working with mesh and mostly I’m just sour grapes because I can’t wear a lot of the stuff yet due to my rather bodacious booty. However, I understand that soon we will be seeing editable mesh. Don’t quote me, that’s just something I’ve heard. I’ve not yet researched.

In the Meantime

Get out there and explore your favorite shops and see what mesh goodies they have to offer and make up your own mind. Personally, I will choose a well made system and sculpt outfit over a carbon copy mesh outfit every time. What it boils down to, for me, is the quality of the item and there are so many talented designers that create incredible Second Life fashion pieces in each of these mediums and I want to enjoy them all!



What I’m Wearing

Skin: Elena (Nougat) LAQ

Hair: Tempest (Drift) Exile

Eyes: Blue Eyes Dionysus

Shirt: Seashell Blouse League

Skirt: Mesh Denim Mini Skirt KoKo

Pose: Team Lizzie Poses Poseur

Necklace: Fishbone Necklace (part of Fishbone outfit) Zenith

Bracelet: AviD NeoGirlie Bangles (part of NeoGirlie outfit) AviD

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Mesh Baby…

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  4. I hate mesh hair……it is just stiff and unattractive , in my opinion…and i will not waste my money buying clothes that cannot be seen and admired or not admired by thosewho are not using sl viewer…I know hate is a harsh word…sorry,,but for me the word fits…

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